Bible BREAKTHROUGH: How discovery of 10,000 ancient tablets 'CONFIRM TRUTH'

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The Bible is a collection of sacred scriptures which are said to be a record of the relationship between God and his followers. The New Testament is the second part of this holy book and reveals the teachings of Jesus. During several passages, the biblical text refers to an ancient civilisation known as “Hittites”. 

For years, it was believed this culture was just a folklore legend.

However, there is now solid evidence these people really existed, which proves the stories of the Bible are true, according to an expert.

Dr Ronald Charles, from Middle East Field archaeology, revealed during Amazon Prime’s “Jesus: The Great Debate” how the discovery of 10,000 clay tablets confirm their existence.

He said in 1970: “The Hittites were a group of people that were mentioned 47 times in the Old Testament. 

“For many years we felt like they were nothing more than religious mythology. 

“But then in 1876, a German cuneiform expert discovered five Hittite temples.

“Within those temples were 10,000 clay tablets that had the names of those Hittites on those tablets confirming the truth of the Old Testament.”

Dr Charles went on to explain how the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls more than 70 years ago furthered the proof of the Bible’s stories.

He added: “The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947 [but] until they were discovered, the latest text we had dated back to the year 1008AD.

“Well, the Dead Sea Scrolls, which date back to 100BC pushed that date back 1,100 years. 

“So these scrolls very well may have been the text used at the time Jesus was walking the Earth.

“So these 200 manuscripts we now have, called the Dead Sea Scrolls, do confirm the accuracy of the Old Testament.”

It is not the first piece of evidence of this kind, either. 

The discovery of two documents dating back to 48AD showed that Mary and Joseph had travelled back to Bethlehem at the time Jesus was said to have been born.

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