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Brexit fightback? Farage reveals how Boris can still defeat Remainers law blocking no deal

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Ardent Brexiteer Nigel Farage has revealed how Prime Minister Boris Johnson could still force through a no deal Brexit. The Brexit Party leader said the recent law mandating Mr Johnson to ask the EU for an extension to Brexit could be squashed. Sandra, from Clacton, phoned into Mr Farage’s LBC radio programme, to question whether a no deal Brexit was still on the table, given the Remainers recent legislation.

The Brexiteer caller said: “I would love a general election because we know they would all lose.

“We would actually get where we want to be after three and a half years.

“But, I’m worried about this deal that has gone through Parliament, saying we cannot leave with no deal.

“Even if we have a general election, and you win, how do we progress?”

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Mr Farage responded: “No Parliament may bind its successors, that has been part of our constitution forever.

“Even though that piece of legislation is in place, a new parliament, a new government, could instantly repeal it.

“That is why Boris could still drive through a no deal.”

Speaking to reporters earlier today, Mr Johnson dismissed suggestions that suspending Parliament for more than a month was anti-democratic.

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