IT Chapter Two ending: Could Richie have DIED? Star teases alternate ending

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IT Chapter Two is in cinemas and follows the first film, which came out in 2017. The story continues as the Losers Club return to Derry to try to beat Pennywise. There were tragic results, but fans are concerned there could have been more deaths.


IT Chapter Two has some tragic results for some members of the Losers Club, particularly Eddie Kaspbrak and Stanley Uris, both of whom die in the film.

Stanley fears the clown so much that he fears the idea of taking it on, so decides instead to take his own life.

Eddie fights back, taking on It until the very last minute when Pennywise, now a spider, thrusts a spike through his middle, killing him after the gang try to help him escape.

But the actor playing Eddie, James Ransone, has shared an image from the set of It which could have hinted at an alternative ending – and one far away from the book.

The image James shared is of some props from the set, which he seems to have taken away with him after the film wrapped.

One notable inclusion is a pamphlet for a funeral – but not the funeral of his character Eddie or Stanley.

Instead, this funeral pamphlet is for Richie Tozier, known as Trash Mouth and played by Bill Hader in the film.

Fans have gone crazy for this, with some even imagining that an alternative ending could have been filmed, which included Richie taking the fall rather than Eddie.

But as other fans pointed out, this pamphlet was, in fact included in the film.

When Pennywise first arrives to terrorise Richie, in IT Chapter Two, Richie finds the clown perching on top of a Paul Bunyan statue, and he is clearly perturbed by this.

Suddenly Pennywise throws a pamphlet at him, and hundreds more start to descend upon him, all of which show a funeral service for Richie.

Soon after, Richie discovers Dev (Jessica Chastain) has seen them all die, and vows to leave the town so as to not speed up his demise.

What happens to Richie in IT Chapter Two?

Richie is at the centre of a gay storyline which is explored in the film.

IT Chapter Two opens with Pennywise murdering a young gay man after they are the victim of a brutal attack in the town.

Following on from this, Pennywise taunts Richie about secrets he has been keeping to himself, which he then considers in a memory, when the young Richie (Finn Wolfhard) asks a boy to play on an arcade game with him.

At this, he is shouted at with homophobic slurs by a gang of bullies, along with the boy, and he is seen carving his initial into a bench, perhaps in the hope of finding someone to love later in his life.

Some fans think that man could have been Eddie, and hoped for the pair to end up together, until Eddie’s tragic death.

But Richie immortalises their friendship by carving Eddie’s initial with his own after the terror has finally subsided.

IT Chapter Two is in cinemas now

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