Marvel Phase 4 LEAK? Is THIS the new cosmic VILLAIN after Thanos’ Avengers Endgame demise?

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With Spider-Man Far From Home releasing next month, the MCU’s Infinity Saga and Marvel Phase 3 will simultaneously come to an end. Later this summer Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige will announce Phase 4’s slate of movies and the next direction of the franchise. Some movies are quite obvious like the currently filming Black Widow solo film and sequels for Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy. But there have also been rumours and leaks over who the next major villains will be after Thanos’ demise in .

He’s rumoured to be introduced in Spider-Man Far From Home since he’s the Web Slinger’s arch-nemesis.

But now another leaker – who has verified themselves with Reddit moderators as an industry employee who has access to potential spoilers – has claimed the cosmic threat to the MCU going forwards will be Michael Korvac.

In the comics, Korvac aka The Enemy is a computer technician in an alternate universe’s future who betrays the human race and is punished for sleeping on the job by aliens called the Badoon by turning him into a cyborg.

He has adventures across time and travels to the main Marvel universe, Earth-616, which is the supposed setting of the MCU.

Allegedly, Korvac will be introduced in Captain Marvel 2 before becoming a larger cosmic threat to the franchise’s superheroes.

The MarvelScoopMaster writes: “[Korvac and Osborn] could play into the 5th Avengers film, but how isn’t exactly known.

“There’s certainly some eagerness within Marvel however to do so with plenty of potential stories and ideas discussed.”

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