Meghan Markle: Did the Duchess try to share her baby's gender? This is the sign you missed

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently welcomed their first child in to the world, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.  Before the birth, the Duke and Duchess stayed quiet on many details of the royal baby, including what gender the child would be.  It is royal tradition that the gender of a new baby is kept under wraps until the birth, but Meghan Markle could have been trying to let fans know she was having a boy all along.  A look back at her maternity wardrobe can reveal the gender of her baby, Liam Solomon, marketing manager at, told

During her pregnancy, the Duchess of Sussex often stepped out looking glam in pieces from her stunning wardrobe.

Instead of hiding away in black, Meghan wore a number of colourful outfits, and chose to wear blue more than any other colour, which suggested she would have a boy, Liam explained.

He told “Meghan’s maternity wardrobe was filled with blue garments, one in every three outfits featured a blue ensemble and it was her most worn colour, sporting the blue 23 times during her pregnancy.”

One third of the outfits the Duchess wore to public events were blue, which hugely contrasted how often she wore the pink, making this colour choice even more significant.

“You could say that blue and navy are very common outfit colours, however when compared with the number of times she wore pink – only once – it seems less of a coincidence and more of a choice,” Liam said.

Even though Meghan Markle wore an incredible 77 different outfits during her pregnancy, she mostly stayed clear of the colour pink.

Meghan and Harry did not reveal whether they knew the gender of the baby themselves, but if they did it seems Meghan might have tried to break royal tradition by giving fans a clue of the gender.

Liam told “Being a first-time-mum, Meghan must have been drawn to the colour when finding out she was having a boy.

“As she prepared for Archie’s arrival Meghan would have been surrounded by the colour blue, picking out toddler clothes along with baby shower gifts from her friends.

“It’s no wonder the Duchess was hinting so heavily at gender in the clothes she wore.”

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