Sylvester Stallone: How to watch Rambo star’s hilarious video over Last Blood criticism

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Rambo: Last Blood has not impressed critics whatsoever – with many giving it one star reviews with some unkind comments. A lesser performer could be offended and upset by these comments – but not Sylvester Stallone. The action hero has hit back with some hilarious banter at critics’ expenses.

How to watch Sylvester Stallone’s hilarious video over criticism

Sylvester Stallone has responded to the haters with a hilarious mini trailer, which shows some of the action packed moments of Rambo: Last Blood.

But the sentiment of the clips included are absolutely to show those picking on the film what John Rambo can do.

And some of those promises do not look pretty – especially as he targets British film critics.

A booming voice asks: “Can’t handle Rambo?”

As this is said, clips of British film goers having viewed the first Rambo film are shown, all of whom are less than impressed with Stallone’s latest antics.

One says: “I’ve heard it is extremely violent.”

Another tells the cameraman: “I think it’s rather disturbing, really.”

A final viewer adds: “I thought it was the Americans doing what they usually do with their films.”

At this, the booming voice tells fans: “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea,” before a bloodied John Rambo is seeing causing havoc.

The clips include him shooting guns and bows and arrows at those trying to cross him, as well as running through cavernous sets and a man screaming and writhing in pain.

The penultimate shot is of a car being blown up by a huge explosion, before John Rambo stands with another weapon in hand, throws it down as viewers are told the film is an R rated movie.

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